Thank you Mr. Governor/the banning of Spice

Well it is finished the Governor of Utah has signed into law banning the sale of the product known as Spice.

As many of you know Impact of Southern Utah posted an article a few months back called Legal high now comes to St George.

In the article Impact of Southern Utah warned parents along with city officials about this new product that was being sold in head shops (you know them as smoke shops) for 10.00 a jar. Recently Governor of Utah Gary Herbert signed the bill making it not only illegal to sale it but to use it. So it is finished as far as Impact is concerned.

Impact is not claiming responsibility for this signing and ban but only to let those who are in the business of prevention in regards to issues of gangs and drugs know that you can make a difference in our society, so keep on pushing. Impact was only happy to be able to warn the public on the product.

So, thank you Mr. Governor for the signing of this bill you have probably saved the life of a number of people. And thank you Senator Orrin Hatch for bringing this issue to the state wide attention.

Finally to those who sale this product or who use to sale it, stating that they felt that the state should have researched the effects of the product before banning it. Impact feels that you should have researched its effects before selling it, but Impact knows that your concern was not for the users of this drug or the public but the profit.

We encourage the public to support the St George Police Department by attending the  public forum on the issue March 8, 2011 at the Dixie Center at 6pm.

March 3, 2011

Ron Alexander/Community and Client Relation


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