Thanks America

Thanks America from the foreign drug cartels

You first heard of me in LA, we went by different names. Names such as the Crips, Bloods, 28th Street, Border Boys, Mexican Mafia, and the list goes on, but those were not our real names, they were only groups that we used.

Back then we were in the big cities. Your kids flopped to the movies entertained by how we could destroy a community in such films as colors and others. You smiled to your self for I and my kind were worlds away, or so you thought.

No one cared when we dumped crack cocaine onto the streets and in the communities of the blacks, Hispanics and the poor white trailer parks of your country. As stated in the movie the God Father, “their animals any way, keep the drugs in the dark communities, and man you brought that crap. Even I knew that what one of your great leaders said was true, I think it was that guy Doctor Martin Luther King, the one you killed. I think it went something like this, “What affects one of us will surly affect all of us sooner or later. He wasn’t talking about drugs but another social sickness you had, but you get my point. You probably don’t remember, which your problem is, you don’t seem to learn from history.

I and my kind said these Americans are dumber than we thought, they really think that what we are selling is going to affect and stay only in the dark and poor communities, hell we said, “This is just the beginning.”

We knew that you whites would blame it on the blacks and Hispanics, and they in turn would fight each other like cats and dogs to sell our death and destruction to their own people. Your leaders helped by seeing to it they had no jobs, so what else did they have to do? Though the gangs mentioned before had no boats or planes, we knew that none of you movers and shakers would take the time to think, how in the hell are these poor kids getting the drugs over here? The plan was simple, start with the communities that you cared less about and hated most and work our way out to you the white middle class, that was where the real money was.

We let you do all the work for us. We let you and your political parties, both Democrats and Republicans alike passed the buck of responsibility getting you to think that it was one or the other. We knew it would keep you preoccupied while we dumped more and more drugs onto your nation’s streets. It was funny as we watched these rich political leaders appoint their friends to key positions to fight us. We laughed, as we used  money we were making off of you and your kids and did background checks on these appointed drug czars and gang czars’, finding that they did not know a gang member or drug dealer from their own grandchildren, which in many case’s were the ones we used to distribute our wares. These rich kids in their private schools were playing the tough role, which seem to impress the other rich kids. Man this was like watching a movie to us.

What was also funny was your unwillingness to use the very people who had been the most successful in turning so many away from addiction and gang behavior and knew us best, former drug addicts and gang members. But as one of my associates stated, “Man that’s not going to last, just wait.” You in the early years did use just those kind of people to battle us and they sure gave us a run for our money. Hell, people were getting out of the gangs and getting clean all because the people they were working with knew all the tricks that the subject may try or use. But we knew your greed and selfishness would kick in. You got to thinking if there is money in drug use wouldn’t there be money in drug treatment? You started to get rid of the free rehabs, replacing them with high cost facilities that no one could really afford to go to. Replacing street smart former addicts and former gang members who really cared about the community and the person with those with text-book training. All we had to do was just sit back and enjoy the show of destruction.

By the 90’s we had hooked up with some of your worst enemies over seas, Bin Laden and the Taliban became our best allies. They had watched us very carefully and learned well what we had learned and got in on the drug trade. By 2008 you had become the biggest consumer of our trade in the world, consuming 70 percent of our death and destruction. We were making about 300 billion dollars a year on you and based on your stupidity we knew that the profits would only get larger. We could afford to out spend your best law enforcement agencies 10 to 1. We out hired them by 20 to 1 producing a formidable army, just ask Mexico. Add to that the fact for every gang member you put in prison, 7 came out, and “man you ain’t got a chance.” Hell your prisons, along with your local schools have become one of our best area’s of recruitment.

I want to say that the sale of heroin by our associates over in the Middle East help to finance a number of terrorist attacks against your country. Oh yeah, I have spoken to my comrades in China who or now producing that much-loved drug by you, Meth, along with those who claim to have white folks best interest at heart. China gives it to us pretty cheap, I guess they’re big time in the world now and don’t want to be connected. Hear tell they almost own America. Hell we aren’t greedy there’s enough of you to go around.

Domestically you have helped us tremendously by allowing all your jobs that pay any thing to be sent to countries that will do it cheaper forcing many of your citizens to push our wares, and by the way the countries that your political leaders sent all those jobs to don’t even like you. What’s funny to us as we sit around drinking champagne in honor of your stupidity is you buy the products back from the same companies that are causing your unemployment. America we love you, you are indeed a gift from heaven.

Though our hatred for you also extends to your youth called gang members, they have been very useful in that you have given them no hope and no future. Oh yes, your so called movie and recording stars have been a blessing to us also, especially the teen stars who get busted using drugs and you let them off with a slap on the wrist, it sends a message that if you got money then what you do is ok, baby it’s like a public relations dream.

Well I better close here, we don’t want to give you any ideas about how to really win this war against us you have been fighting for the last thirty-years and losing. Me and My associates just want to thank you for not listening to groups like Impact. They had us a little worry there for a minute, trying to get you to listen to what they as former gang members and addicts were trying to warn you about. But we feel pretty comfortable now that we know you may be more concern about what they were rather than what they are telling you about me and my kind. We hope by 2011 to have moved fully into your country and be able to pay off more of your corrupt, arrogant officials and kill even more of your kids and take over more of your cities. By all means don’t listen to Impact or any groups are person that really knows how we work. They are our worst night mare.


The foreign drug cartels

Written by Ron Alexander/Community and Client Relations in hopes you will began to listen

October 13, 2010


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